About LIO

The Legal Information for Oklahoma (LIO) initiative seeks to collect, organize, and promote access to resources related to the Oklahoma legal system for the benefit of all Oklahomans.

Librarians, the public, and Oklahoma’s own Access to Justice Commission express a need for citizens to successfully navigate the legal process, whether it’s finding Legal Aid Services or the Oklahoma Bar Association, locating a statute, seeing our Constitution in print, or accessing online forms. In response to this need, the Oklahoma Department of Libraries created the Legal Information for Oklahoma initiative.

LIO contains information on how the Oklahoma legal system is structured, how laws are created, places to go for Oklahoma legal information, links to free online resources, and much more. Librarians are not lawyers and libraries do not practice law. However, libraries are often the first point of access for information seekers and librarians are uniquely qualified to help with the information gathering process.

With this in mind, we offer help to the citizens of Oklahoma when looking for legal and government information.