Building a Legal Reference Collection

This list of suggested titles for building an Oklahoma Legal Research Collection is meant to be a starting point for public libraries. All libraries in the state of Oklahoma are entitled to a free and up to date set of Oklahoma Statutes and the Oklahoma Session Laws from the Office of the Secretary of State. A request for updates must be resubmitted every year within 60 days of January 1st. To learn more about requesting a set or supplements, visit: 

Black’s Law Dictionary $70.00
Standard English Dictionary $70.00
Standard Spanish Dictionary $40.00
Standard Road Atlas $15.00
The Bluebook: a uniform system of citation $30.00
Pamphlets from OBA $0.00
Pamphlets from LASO $0.00
ABC: Oklahoma’s Agencies, Board, and Commissions $0.00
Official Oklahoma Statutes $0.00
Oklahoma Rules of Court – Federal & State $60.00
Oklahoma Administrative Code $0.00
Local Telephone Books $0.00
Nolo’s Beat your ticket $20.00
Nolo’s Criminal Law Handbook $34.00
Nolo’s Every Landlord’s Legal guide $38.00
Nolo’s Every Tennant’s Legal Guide $25.00
Nolo’s Neighbor Law $23.00
Nolo’s Simple Will Book $31.00
Nolo’s Represent Yourself in Court $34.00
Nolo’s 101 Legal Forms for Personal Use $25.00
Nolo’s U.S. Immigration Made Easy $34.00
Nolo’s How to Get a Green Card $25.00
Nolo’s Every Dog’s Legal Guide: a must-have for your owner $17.00
Nolo’s Everybody’s Guide to Small Claims Court $25.00
Nolo’s Guide to Social Security Disability $25.00
Nolo’s How to File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy $25.00
Nolo’s How to File Chapter 13 Bankruptcy $25.00

Total: $691.00